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UPDATED: Color me mortified. The correct Skype ID for this fun service is SkypeBlogHer. (I had it reversed in the post originally.) So please add SkypeBlogHer!!

Last week I announced the BlogHer Buddy System, brought to you by Official Communications Partner, Skype.

Have you signed up yet? Have you accepted my Skype invite, so you can get added? Did you know you have to go to Skype to see your Skype invites and doesn't come to your email? Or did you know that, and you just don't want to connect to me?


Credit: reynermedia.


I haz questions.

The groups are hopping, including the BlogHer Homeroom, which is just a big potpourri of bloggers of every identity and interest group!

And now there's another cool way to connect and get answers about the conference...a support Skype ID especially created for BlogHer '14!

Kelly from Skype, a real-live dedicated human, will be (wo)manning the BlogHerSkype Skype ID starting today and continuing for these two weeks leading up to the conference, and the two weeks after the conference. every day from 8AM-4PM PT.

Have a question about the conference? Ask Kelly at SkypeBlogHer.

Want to ask about a Skype feature? Ask Kelly at SkypeBlogHer.

Trying to decide between two different awesome-sounding panels at the conference? Kelly at BlogHerSkype will hear you out and give you her totally solicited opinion :)

Looking for a hot San Jose night spot? Kelly at SkypeBlogHer is your woman.

Want to learn more about Skype's super-cool on-site activation and how you can pledge to lead a more meaningful life? Kelly at SkypeBlogHer is pretty deep.

And Kelly will even have some BlogHer elves there to support her in case you bombard her with too many or too difficult questions.

So bring it! Connect with SkypeBlogHer on Skype today. Let's keep Kelly busy!



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