Another Glorious Morning For A Walk…And Menopause Came Along!

I have always believed that I am my own woman, why then do I dance to the tune of menopause; when most days now I am assuredly the other woman—living with a dual personality. I have fallen out of step and am never in sync. Because She, the other woman, thinks and talks faster than She is able to get the words out, and She puts more on Our agenda than We have time for, and nothing ever gets done that was begun. Sigh!

But today we did things my way! That She Siren, that wailer of distress, was not going to command my day. Not today!

My day began with an absolutely exhilarating morning walk, with my hubby, my ever faithful Lancelot Knight. At 6:30 I pulled myself out of bed, threw-on my baggie sweat pants and big shirt, donned my socks and walking shoes, and gathered my hair into a ponytail—far from looking like a vision, mind you. Because (and let’s be honest here) at that hour of the morning whose going to notice, or care, that I look justifiably and without-a-doubt frumpy? Seriously!

Though the early morning sun was making every attempt to introduce itself with a kiss of warmth, nonetheless I felt the slight pinch of a crisp windy chill upon my face. What a perfect and delicious taste of “good morning!”

Our fast-paced 30-minute walk was a glorious charge to these old menopausal bones. My heart beat rhythmically, in perfect sync with my breathing. My skin felt alive with the swelling droplets of sweat, and my cheeks were doused with pink, flushed with the steady flow of blood running through my veins. I felt animated beyond belief!

We encountered many morning walkers and joggers, and everyone we saw and crossed paths with smiled and greeted a friendly good morning and hello! This only added to the already great feeling of the morning. Ahh!

As we approached our last two blocks towards home, my honeys reached to take my hand; I turned to look at his blood-flushed face to receive his always comforting glad smile.

What a glorious day for me so far today!


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