Another Imaginative Pisces Weekend Leads Into Saucy Aries

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On Friday morning August 3, 2012, the moon gentles its way into vulnerable, sensitive, creative, often mystical Pisces. A Water sign, ruled by impressionable Neptune, the Pisces Moon may have you looking for an escape to another world by any means handy, but stay grounded, stay in body. Don’t let “feelings” overwhelm you or lose your grip on the real. Be as caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any sad stories or promises too good to be true.

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Sunday afternoon, we are thrust into the next Moon sign – “in your face”, high energy, high octane, fiery Aries for 2 days. Stand up for yourself, but be nice. Temper the Aries vinegar with some leftover Pisces honey.

Have a lovely weekend!