Another link between ADHD and everyday items

Researchers at Boston University School of Public health are now suggesting that there's a strong link between ADHD in kids and PFCs.

PFCs (polyfluoroalkyl chemicals) are found in such everyday items as food packaging and stain-resistance coatings. I went online and found a list of some common products that are likely to have PFCs (depending on the brand):

- items with a coating that repels oil and water, such as stain-resistant clothing, carpeting and furniture

- food packaging like pizza boxes and fast-food containers, microwave popcorn bags

- Cleaners, paints, hardwood floor protectant, roof treatments and fire-fighting foams

- dental floss, shampoo and denture cleaners

- Two most common? Teflon products (partially changed in 2006) and (partially changed 2002) Scotchgard products


So what can you do?

1. Use organic products (paints, cleaning products, toiletries) whenever possible. Check personal-care products like dental floss and make-up for words that include "fluoro" and "perfluoro"

2. Look for organic pizzas, popcorn, etc. which may be less likely to have PFCs in their packaging

3. Avoid stain-resistance treatments

4. Skip the nonstick cookware. If you have to use it, don't let it go over 450 degrees.


Here's the article about the study linking ADHD to PFCs:


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