Another Tuesday and another sick kid ;-)

So Zoraja is home with me today. She started coughing a few days ago, but it got worse yesterday. Last night it was so bad she started bringing stuff up. Once she did that, she was better and went on to sleep.

I checked on her of course during the early hours of the night and she was fine. Not even a wheeze. But then this morning, she was coughing again, not real bad, but bad enough, and I kept her home. The daycares and schools look down on bringing them when they are coughing too much. They look at me like I am crazy when I am walking up with my child and they know she was coughing real bad the day before, and I understand why.

So...the idea of owning my own biz and working from home is sounding real, real good right now...

I have been out of touch due to the kids being sick, and then not doing so hot my own self; I hope I can get cracking on some writing or something, and get some cash flow in here.

I did my mystery shop on Saturday. It went well, the ladies in the store did their job. My report was ok. I got a nine out of ten because I accidentally said one thing in the questions but didn't elaborate in the narrative.

I hate anything less than a ten...

And so it's another Tuesday in the life of the Unemployed, Job-Confused, Mommy Mystery Shopper!

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