Another View on Seattle's Best: What Ever Happened to Henry?

Cece has been very perplexed lately.  She has gone looking for her favorite coffee called Henry’s Blend by Seattle’s Best and she cannot find it. Where is Henry and where is Henry’s Blend?   She used to look for the cat on the package, but they phased out Henry.  He was the orange tabby that first sat on the warm coffee roaster when Seattle’s Best first began. He is part of their history.  Even though the cat on the packaging was phased out,   Henry’s Blend lived on!   So, it has become a mystery that Cece wants to solve. Where is Henry and where is Henry’s Blend?

Today she saw an ad that advertised that Seattle’s Best had gone to a new level system.  You can now buy your coffee buy the numbers from level one, mild and light to a level 5 bold and risk taking.  Coffee by the numbers!  Just what Cece needs! It reminds her of ordering by the number at fast food places.  “Give me a number 2 with a side salad.”     She wonders what happened to Henry’s blend?  She is put off by the notion that everything has become so quick and easy.  When Cece drinks her coffee, she wants it slow and relaxing…she likes to linger over her coffee.  This number system strikes her as another MC Coffee…drive through fast foodish…do not think, do not taste, just do it fast and go on to the next thing.  Cece is going to call customer service and find out if  Henry’s Blend is still available or if the blend has been phased out in favor of all the numbers. 

So, Cece called customer service.  You can too at 1-800-611-7793.  Don’t be surprised when the customer service agent picks up and says , “Starbucks” because Cece is finding out that Starbucks bought out Seattle’s best.  She found out that Seattle’s best has sifted it self down to these 5 coffee levels and their decaf counterparts.  Gone is Henry’s blend.  Cece told Seattle’s best that she thinks they sold their soul…and she meant that.  It may sound harsh, but they gave up their roots.

So, Cece put in her complaint and gave her name and address to the company so they could verify her complaint….and what is she left with?  Still…no Henry’s blend…the best bold coffee at either Starbucks of Seattle’s Best.  She might just have to drink Yuban.

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

PS.  Level 4 coffee states that it is Henry’s blend, but it is actually a combination of Henry’s  blend and their breakfast blend and not anywhere as good as the original Henry’s Blend.  MEOW!

Cece-one of The Two Whos


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