Another week of Photos at Geek with kids

As we wrap up the second week of NaBloPoMo it's time to look back and see how my posting has been. If I'm honest it's been another disappointing week of just photos. It's not the photo's that are disappointing, it's just I really want to get back to more writing. I'm hoping to find time this week to get into some real posts, I keep outlining posts but never seem to have the time to flush them out. Of course, when looking for time to write having to prepare for a weekend get-away. Now that we're back it's time to put some time to my writing.

Our picture of the day was taken as we crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on the way to Niagara Falls New York. It reminded me that I really need to find a weekend next summer to take the kids to see the falls close up.

This weeks posts:

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