The Anti-Old Spice Man: Meet Rippin’ Rick (VIDEO)

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Here’s a lesson in philosophy courtesy of Wikipedia:

Hedonism is a school of ethics based around the idea that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, essentially arguing that people want to obtain the maximum amount of pleasure for the minimal amount of pain.

Here’s a lesson in life courtesy of Rick from Arizona:

If you’re going to a Jamaican beach resort with the name Hedonism II -- apparently Hedonism I had reached its maximum capacity for guilty pleasure -- expect to see this guy:

What’s that, Old Spice Man? You want to bake me cakes and shower me with gifts on a boat?

Too late.

I’ve already been won over by Rippin’ Rico Suave, with his dance moves reminiscent of a young Swayze and the poetic proclamation of what he finds so intriguing about the club he’s been coming back to for the past 12 years.

Any of you wild women trying to book some reservations?


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