Antique Sunbonnet Sue Quilts

Last Christmas at a family get-together I acquired fifteen appliquéd Sunbonnet Sue blocks, a completed Sunbonnet Sue quilt top and a few yards of yellow, pink and green fabric to use as backing.

The fifteen blocks belong to my cousin Selena.  They were made by her father's (my uncle's) grandmother and from what I understand, Selena inherited them after she died.  Selena was also the source of the yellow, pink and green fabric, which I assume came with the quilt blocks.

The completed quilt top belongs to Selena's mom, my Aunt Mary.  It was also made by Grandma Moore and it's comprised of twenty blocks and some sashing fabric that appears to be pretty thin and aged.

I offered to finish the quilts for them because I want to learn how to restore antique quilts.  It'll require some research on my part, but research is something I'm good at.  I'm really looking forward to these projects.

Here are Selena's fifteen blocks:




Selena's blocks

I'm not sure how old the blocks or the quilt top are:  I have a few questions I need to get answered.  I do know they're Sunbonnet Sue appliqués made from old clothes that are done by hand on muslin.  I'm thinking of trying my first attempt at "quilt-as-you-go" with these blocks.

Aunt Mary's quilt top, however, will likely present the greater challenge because the fabric doesn't seem as solid as I'd like.  The muslin is fine but the sashing is thin and tearing in one spot along the edge.

I figure I'll start with Selena's blocks though, and by the time I'm done her smaller quilt, I should be in better shape to tackle the larger one.

Advice is always welcome!

Aunt Mary's quilt top

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