Anupy Singla

Anupy Singla is an award-winning journalist who gave up her career in television to cook...and blog about it. After working a rigorous early morning schedule for a Chicago-based CLTV News, Anupy realized her two young girls were suffering. Not only did she have little time and energy to spend with them, she also had little to no time to cook all of the amazing Indian food that she grew up with as a young girl on the east coast. Anupy was born in India but raised outside of Philadelphia and grew up visiting her extensive family in India. Her paternal grandfather taught her how to cook and appreciate good, healthy, spicy Indian food. Her love for good Indian and her girls spurred Anupy to write her first cookbook out this fall: The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Authentic, Easy Recipes (Agate Surrey). Anupy’s food-related work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun-Times and various other publications. She teaches classes and does cooking demos for Bloomingdale’s, Sur la table, and the Kids’ Table in Chicago. She also organizes and leads spice tours through Chicago’s little India all while still teaching her girls how to cook and eat good, healthy homemade food.