Anxiety in WOMEN (not men) puts brain in overdrive and (negatively) affects cognitive performance

As someone who has been plagued by anxiety all my life, I can tell you that this study does and doesn't surprise me.

What doesn't surprise me is that women are 2X as likely as men to have anxiety disorders. Or that anxious women had more electrical activity in their brains during tasks than nonanxious women.

What DID surprise me is that:

1. anxious men didn't show any excess activity (like anxious women did)

2. anxious men and women both performed about the same on the easy tasks

3. on the more difficult tasks, worried women did worse than worried men

The theory?

It could be that estrogen creates an overactive brain response.

The problem?

Anxious girls tend to have to work harder in school to overcome distracting thoughts and worries than anxious boys.

The solution?

Here's a good piece on helping a child/teen with anxiety as it pertains to school:

Here's the study:


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