The Any.Do App Helped Me Get Things Done, Sort Of

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I'm back after a month of using the Any.Do app to try and help me get things done. Not every day things but things I never make time to do because I'm addicted to work. So did it help? Yes, it did. Sort of. For awhile.

denise with reminder
Denise by Liz Henry via Flickr with Any.Do reminder

Any.Do is set up to remind me at 4pm everyday. This seemed like a good time but it turns out, it's not really a good time. 4pm arrived an awful lot while I was in the car or on a phone meeting. This means I got into the habit of just dismissing the reminder without even thinking about getting something done. So, I need to figure out a better time. One where I'm not usually in the car or on the phone. When that might be, I'm not really sure -- but it's on my to do list to figure out. Seriously.

Once it became more of a habit to dismiss the reminder, I was pretty much done for. Going on vacation didn't help much, but that's ok because I was doing awesome, relaxing, fun things anyway.

The things I like most about Any.Do are:

  • The ability to add something to the list using voice commands, rather than typing.
  • The easy strike with a swipe feature.
  • The ability to give random "someday" list items a deadline, (which includes date/time.) That helped me on a couple days when I was on the phone but still engaged enough with the app to feel compelled to DO something.
  • I like the ability to make things 'important'. That worked well when I added some more important things to my list.

Things I don't like about Any.Do are:

  • I'd like it to pop up a specific, random item from the someday list.
  • The tasks I strike out should be sent to the "Completed Tasks" section automatically, and they aren't. I'd like some way to get all of those done items in one place without having to do another step to get them to move into the "Completed Tasks" section.
  • I'd like the "Completed Tasks" to not be hidden away in the settings area. I like seeing all of the things I've finished, which is why I don't move the done tasks to "Completed" more often.

I'm going to keep using Any.Do, there's more to like about it than to dislike and I haven't found anything else that I like more. I was going to try Carrot, but after watching a couple of videos and reading a few posts about it, I decided it wasn't for me. I don't need another online game to become addicted to, (Candy Crush Saga is more than enough, thank you.) I also don't need a smart aleck app to attempt to scold me when I've been too busy with other things to take time off. My world just doesn't work that way. I'm not lazy... I'm busy, ya know?

Did you give Any.Do a try? What did you think?

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