Anything 30 or above is obese and so the dead

Anything 30 or above is obese and so the dead I'm going to show you from the CDC measured everybody who was a BMI of 30 or higher so truly obese this picture I just want to illustrate why the BMI is not Goji Pro the greatest measure love health because you see the and we see this most commonly and men were you can he have I to individuals both the exact same height and the exact same weight and the exact same BMI why are they so vastly different and that has to do with percentages UHV lean body mass and percentage of fat so this individual probably is 55 percent fat 45 percent lean in this individualism probably 25 percent fat and 75 percent lean that has a lot of significance as far as your about grades and how many calories you burn even when you’re sleeping in your ability to maintain.

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