Anytime This Week and My Thoughts

Tuesday.December 3, 2013. It's 10:20am here in the Philippines.

I had my hopefully-last-check-up appointment with my OBgyn yesterday, December 4,2013. She wrote: FOR ADMISSION ANYTIME in my Pregnancy/Motherhood Notebook. That means within the week my second baby will come out and welcome the world. My due date is on December 8, 2013.

Everybody has been expecting a girl for my second baby because my first child is a boy. But the ultrasound failed everybody. It's a boy, again.  But it's okay. They loved him despite the cermons I have received for two weeks since we all found out I was pregnant, again.

This would be a rather tiring part of my life: waiting. When I was pregnant with my first son, Jon Siegfried, I wasn't even aware that my due date was January but he came by December 29th. I wasn't waiting for him to come out. He just did. It was thrilling, exciting, and nevertheless extraordinary. I don't know why I don't feel the same right now. Maybe because as they say, "every pregnancy is a different one". So maybe, this is one hing that's different from my previous pregnancy.

The name, the name, thy name. we decided to name our second son Liam David. "Liam" was taken from William of William Shakespeare and "David" is King David from the Bible. Our hearts are content and we are pleased with his name. Jon Siegfried's name was: "Jon" from his dad's name Jon Boyd and Siegfried which means Victorious Peace. Although when people hear it they say it sounds like a writer. And yes, we have that in mind.

Oh love. Any time this week. Any day this week and we'll head to the hospital for labor and delivery. what could happen one of these days? What could possibly be that one thing that will reunite our families once again? I wonder. I have a lot of things going on inside my head today that I wanted to write in here: My BlogHer Blog.

I am doing the laundry today. While folding the past laundry, while listening to Cafe de Paris station. While letting my sister-in-law watch Lion King with my son Jon Siegfried. While I type endlessly on the monitor. I am writing my first short story that will be posted on my blog: SiegMom, drafting my NaBloPoMo for Tuesday, drafting another blog post that will be seen soon on my blog. I am doing a lot of things. I am multi-tasking which I heard was not very healthy but I still do it. It keeps me energized and on the go. 

Have any questions? Reactions or anything? let's talk through the comment section below! ;)


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