Aortic Dissection Repair day 10-12


January 24.

9:30am. 2nd bad night, think we need to be here all night. Lots of pain and nightmares...crackly lungs but thank God no breathing tube. so we got to talk clearly for 30min or dosing again. Less bleeding from drainage and that's good. He got to look at his wounds and it reminded him of Jesus' suffering. Gail with me until Paula arrives.

2pm. Well. Yesterday's blood cultures show no growth. On antibiotics of course. He just stood up three times and is now in the chair working hard to hold his head up.

9:30pm. In bed after tea an hot and cold shower...a bit on the puny side. Benita is with John and Paula with me. Well cared for. Vitamin C and garlic coming in the am.


January 25.

7:26am. Because John's nights have been so miserable recently, I had promised to spend the night at the hospital last night. But in the late evening I started to feel chilled.  My caretakers helped me to know that I needed to go to bed and that they would share the night shift for me.

So, my sinuses hurt and I have greenish colored phlegm.  Usually this means I am getting a sinus infection. Sometimes I fight these on my own but in this situation I have diagnosed myself as needing a Z - PAC, a Xythromycin 5 day supply of antibiotics.  But my doctor is out on Fridays and I am in St. Louis.  Obviously, the sooner I get on these, the sooner I can be a help to John again.

Does anyone see a way to get this for me AND get it here ASAP?

If so, please reply all so we don't duplicated efforts.

Appreciate that I can even feel comfortable asking for this help.


8:45am. Nurse said he had some periods of rest and that the dialysis did pull off some fluids so he is more comfortable...but not there yet to see for myself.  Feeling some better but still sinus pressure.  Becky V is bringing me some C and garlic and maybe some other helpful natural remedies!


11:45am. After getting sick last night, my caretakers have gone to get my prescription!  Both Benita and Paula are here and I am so thankful they covered the nite shift with John while I slept.  Have great coverage over the weekend;  Natasha and Jeremy are already on their way and should be here by 2; Karissa and Winston will get here near 10 pm;  Becky and Bayard will be in and out all weekend; on Sabbath Dom and Marilou and Bev will come in the afternoon.  And, I suggested his sisters come and they will arrive this evening from Oregon.  So I am blessed.  Rhonda will come Monday afternoon as the others all exit... 

No need to post this, please.

Here are his WBC counts since some of my medical list asked:

    Admit:  8.9

    After surgery:  15

    Tuesday:  28.4

    Today:  18.6

Have not yet talked to the doctor but he continues to say this is a waiting game...

Yesterday's blood cultures showed no growth after 12 hours...that's a preliminary report

Still some fever

Still atrial fibrillation

He did seem to rest well during the night.  I'm sitting here with him now and he has walked 50' or so and is sitting up i his chair though he is dozing.  He hasn't said much this morning other than:  "don't ask me any questions".  I think it is just too tiring for him. 

My faith remains that God knows our path and John's path.  He sees the forest and not just the trees so I can confidently trust Him!  This IS excruciatingly difficult but my support team is fabulous and I am so grateful!

This kills me:  he told me yesterday that he'd gotten a look at this chest and abdominal wounds and it reminded him of Jesus and His wounds for John........

OK...another day is underway!

Thank you all again...and I love you each one...



12 noon. I am sitting beside John who took a walk this morning, like about 30 feet. He seems to be getting stronger, bit by bit. I have not talked to the doctor yet today. But mostly he keeps saying time will tell. We will have a full weekend with his two sisters coming in tonight from Portland. Natasha and Jeremy will be here early afternoon while Karissa and Winston get here tonight around 10. Becky and Bayard Vermilyea will be here early afternoon and tomorrow some other friends will stop by. So, I am well taken care of. I got sick last night, I think a sinus infection, and started just now on a Z-pak so I am wearing a mask...bummer....

thanks for your continued support, love and overwhelms us!


5pm. This has been a day when we have seen some excellent progress. Dr. Bayard was just with John when our doctor came in. He checked John out and said that he is extremely pleased with John's condition today. There is no fever and no signs of infection, he has had less bleeding, his renal function is slightly improved, and he is getting stronger and can hold his head up a bit better. What can I say except to praise God.

Thanks for your love and care and concern!


January 26

7:25 am. Esther and I just got back here to the hospital.  We went to bed around 10 got up at four, and Ruth and Karissa and Winston had stayed all that time.  So, we won'be be seeing them for SOME time!

John had some challenges during the night...the nurse mentioned that dreadful word, pneumonia.  Not for sure that he has it but just as a, NO!

Just hanging on...have been visiting this morning with Esther.  Under normal conditions I would want to make the most of every opportunity to talk together. But I feel the energy being draining out of me with too much talking and realized I'd better cool it and take a break. There will be more visitors today and I need to reserve my strength...



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