Aortic Dissection Repair day 4-6

January 18

Friday morning...after a difficult day yesterday with much pain and discomfort, the night was OK and John slept some. He does have a temperature this morning which is not good. Secretions also make for lots of congestion, also not good. But, we can be thankful there is no more atrial fibrillation. The medication for that has been the cause of nausea so we will be glad to be done with that soon. When I got here, John was already sitting up in bed and will be sitting most of the day. This helps with coughing UP the secretions instead of just rattling them around. But coughing hurts a lot. Hopefully today the two small chest tubes will come down and hopefully his kidney function will start to improve. Please, Lord!

Last night, we were talking and he wanted to make a serious point. He said, "I'm not serious and I'm kidding..." Just the opposite of what he wanted to say. Have to laugh at what we can, these days! 

Appreciate your messages and posts and encouragement and prayers!

Thankfully, Winston arrived last night.  He and Karissa will be around here all day helping as they can.  But, I will have a hard time when they leave tomorrow morning....their presence is such a comfort!



January 19


Maybe the devil thinks he can do his work more effectively on the Sabbath cause since sundown yesterday, John's condition has deteriorated remarkably:  decreased kidney function requiring dialysis, blood infection, and more atrial fibrillation.  We are back in ICU and thankful for the closer monitoring but missing our quieter and darker private room on the step-down unit.

On the bright side, Juli, my sister flew in this morning, Natasha and Jeremy are on their way back, and Karissa and Winston are staying a big longer than planned. 

Please just rebuke the devil in Jesus' name.  I know in my heart that God is in control and will bring good from what the devil has tried to do to take John out, but in my heart I am a frightened little girl.

Thanks and love you all,



January 20

We're encouraged this morning. John is critical-stable. He's feeling better and breathing better, out of atrial fibrillation, and producing more urine. The dialysis has rid his body of lots of fluid and toxins. The challenge now is the blood infection because only a divine miracle will help if bacteria lodge in the dacron graft. But with initial survival rates of 5 to 30%, perhaps we should just plan on continued miracles.



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