Aortic Dissection Repair day 7-9

January 21

John has been pretty loopy at times, especially after this second surgery.  But he does have some clarity.  He continues to be in and out of a fib, is on dialysis, but it has been a pretty restful and comfortable night.

I need to keep in mind that this is touch and go and that things WILL change; when it's bad, things will get better; when it's good; things will get worse.  Dr. Maniar told us that the first day he came back to ICU.  This is the nature of our situation.

Today, we will figure out alternative lodging, probably at Barnes Lodge which is on campus and has a central kitchen.  Even driving 5 miles over to the Pear Tree is a pain!  We have a list of stuff we need to get done.  We'll be sad to see Natasha and Jeremy leave but they have been great and will come back soon.  Karissa may stay today and leave tomorrow.  Juli continues to be there for us all. 

She and I had an opportunity to walk the corridors and bridges that circumnavigate this large campus.   Later in the afternoon, during John's surgery, we all went over to the zoo and thoroughly enjoyed the seals in the underwater tank. The penguin exhibit with open air to them was also so fun.  The bears seemed to be hibernating!  It was a needed distraction.

For a treat, we all went and ate at a Mediterranean restaurant.  When the owner heard we were vegetarians, he took our menus and said he'd fix us up.  It was delicious...falafel, grape leaves, spinach pie, a special bread with oil oil and herbs...yum!  The girls stayed with John while Juli and I went and slept till early morning.   We got here about 1:30 am and now they are sleeping....musical beds, like we said!  Tonight, we need to be sure and get a full night's rest.  Juli and I tried to sleep in the waiting room...but it's awful!

John asked me to tell everyone that is praying for him, that he cares for you, each one.  See, I told you he has some clarity!

Love you guys!  thanks for your love and car and concern.




January 22

It's 9 pm. John's breathing tube came out this afternoon and he was awakened. He's been comfortable and talkative for these four hours. Our girls and both his sisters and our sister Heidi called and talked to him and they were all delighted. Tomorrow the dialysis will be turned off and they will be able to see if his body is feverish, which of course is a sign of fever. His blood tests also show the status of the fever. So, we're watching and praying for progress with eradication of this infection. He just now said, "Tell the devil I hate him!"

Appreciate you all!






January 23.

7 am -- Juli shared something with me that I totally experience, too.  When John is awake and conversant, all seems well and good, like we are making progress.  Conversely, when he is "under", we feel like it is all bad.  But NEITHER is necessarily true....

She and I left here about 10:30 last night, slept like logs till 5:15 and got here just after 6am this morning.  Juli leaves today...what will I do without her beside me, knowing my needs, and helping in so many way?.  In the last couple days, she's gotten more involved with John's care, helping him keep his legs moving and with breathing treatments, including getting secretions out of his lungs.  It is a difficult job to do alone and it means the world to me that she came to help me.  I just walked her down to the Metro station so she can get the train to the airport.  Gail Coridan comes today and is already nearby.  She will be with me till tomorrow, when Paula comes.  Gail will be a marvelous help too...can't wait to see and hug her!

Once again, his two arterial lines are out so there are less tubes.  He still has two central lines in his neck.  They just took him off dialysis a bit ago and that feels like progress.

Today we look forward to asking our doctor some questions and getting some more answers.  Our second anointing is this evening, with Robert Wagley, John's boss, and we're inviting some of our local elders for the opportunity and privilege of praying with him.  EVERYONE feels so much better when they have seen him, though it is also utterly shocking and perplexing to see this vital, strong, exuberant man laid low. 

We're well taken care of with food being delivered every day...such a blessing!  We slept better on our mattress pads and flannel flat sheets, rather than the plastic mattress and thin sheets...thank you, Angela! For the food, too!

Blessings all around!


10am. Dialysis removed at 8 or so. Just removed NG tube so he can have some clear fluids soon. Ice cream? Not sure...WBC count up, fever is 99.1...just done with rounds. Gail here with me. John alert for a while this morning but dozy now.





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