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Living in any big city, it can be hard to find a large amount of living space to work with, especially if you are living downtown, like us. As Torontonians, we are used to making each square foot of space as efficient and functional as possible. We live in a two bedroom condo at Yonge and Bloor, and unfortunately a walkscore of 100 comes alongside a compromise in living space.Apartment-Oasis

Join us each month as we help you make every inch of your home count in this ongoing Apartment Oasis series, and help you turn any small living area into the perfect, functional space for just about everything! This month, we’ll be focusing on creating the perfect office space.

Make sure you have a view

Creating the perfect office space

Research shows that people who work in front of a window are more productive and happier overall. Natural light also helps with mood and enhanced work performance, which is one of the benefits in working next to a window.

Stay organized

Creating the perfect office spaceHaving a bulletin board and/or calendar may seem old-fashioned or university student style, but we find it really helps us stay organized in the face of too many electronic calendars. Plus, it can be really therapeutic and better for your memory to handwrite your deadlines and to-do lists, as opposed to storing them away on some device.

Keep all tools in one (stylish) place

Creating the perfect office space

Buy a cheap container to hold all your pens, pencils, highlighters, and more. We bought our makeshift pen holder from Indigo for $4, they have a killer home décor section!

Remind yourself why you are working so hard

Creating the perfect office spacePictures and reminders of loved ones and great memories work well in any office space. Cool souvenirs from vacations, knick knacks from vintage stores, or simple DIY home decor pieces work great to keep a desk feeling fresh, which can spark creativity. Just make sure your workspace doesn’t get too cluttered as a result!

Create some green space

Creating the perfect office space

Plants really help brighten up an office space, and it helps to switch plants every once in a while. We have a succulent terrarium on our desk at the moment, but we tend to put this plant elsewhere according to what season it is. In the spring we had a beautiful orchid pot, and in the fall we had a display of fall squash and pumpkins.

Make your own den

Creating the perfect office space

Desks can go just about anywhere, and sometimes you’ll have no other solution than to incorporate an office area into your living room. If this is the case, make sure it is clear that the spaces are distinctly separate. To achieve this, all you need is a subtle rearrangement of your furniture: perhaps a couch or chair will clearly delineate the office space, or placement in a corner is simply enough.

What does your home office look like? We’d love for you to share over our social media channels!

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