An Apology to Your Body

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In a very moving open letter to all of her former weight loss clients, Your Fairy Angel states all the things she wished she had said years ago to the people who asked for her help in losing weight. From the women who were given too little to eat to the girls who were brought to the center by their mothers, she apologizes to each of them; and it serves as a wake up call to all of us that we need to take a step back and make sure that we are eating in a healthy way that respects our bodies' needs. We need to realize that our bodies are enough, and they don't need to be constantly molded.  And most importantly, we need to listen to our bodies when they talk to us, and have our body's voice be louder than all the experts out there.

I'm sorry because every time you ate something you "shouldn't" or ate more than you "should," I talked about "getting back on the bandwagon." I cringe now every time someone uses that phrase. When did the way we eat become a bandwagon? When did everyone stop eating and become professional dieters? I'm sorry because I get it now. If you're trying to starve your body by eating fewer calories than it needs, of course it's going to fight back. 

Please read Your Fairy Angel's post in full and then tell us how you're eating in a way that respects your body.


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