Apparently Cinnamon Gives Me a Headache

Over the weekend we attended an indoor carnival put on by our local high school. Every year I am amazed how great the high schoolers are with the little kids. (If all teenagers were this great I wouldn't be annoyed to go to the mall on a weekend.)


Vaughn, already a fan of body adornment in anyway possible, bypassed the face paint booth and went straight for the tattoos. 

She first picked out a large snake in striking position, proudly showing its fangs. I quickly brought a tutu wearing, unicycle riding brown bear to her attention as an alternative but she ultimately chose this one on her own. One, I do hope this scenario is not foreshadowing how her 18th birthday will go down and two, I hope they have better tattoos to choose from next year when the kids drag us to the carnival again. 



Yesterday the workers at Trader Joe's were giving away cinnamon brooms that did not sell during the holidays. I foolishly took one and when got it home had no idea what to do with it. I stuck it in the laundry room and this morning promptly moved it to the garage. Apparently there is such a thing as too much cinnamon.



More snow is headed our way and I just got the call that our district will be closing early today. Assuming this would happen, I stopped by the liquor store this morning to restock. I was never a girl scout but I always like to be prepared. (I also bought 2 sleds yesterday because ours have gone missing. Good thing!)


I have a sweet potato baking for lunch and think I may be able to squeeze in one episode of RHWOBH. Hope you are having a great day!


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