Apparently, I Forgot How to Flirt

Sometimes I can't bring myself to care. The weekend strolls in with it's sleeping in late (7am instead of 6am - WHOOPEE!) and I get all, "where are my sweatpants?" I am aware of the fact that I should get dressed "for real", you know, in a cute top because these two days in the whole wide week are the only two days I don't have to wear my black pants, the black pants that I wear EVERY SINGLE DAY and have worn for the ENTIRE YEAR that I've worked at this job (I wish I was joking), the black pants that now have a hole in the waistband and yet are still wonderfully dependable.

Instead, I found myself driving to Walmart last weekend in a spandex tank top and old jeans flipping and flopping my way down the detergent aisle. (Read More)

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