The appetite.

Her daughter had little energy

Even less appetite.

Meals were difficult. 

A good parent prepares healthy meals.

B wanted none of it. 

Alright this is ridiculous!

Hi to you too!  What’s the matter?

Want to know what my kid ate for supper?

O. K.

An ice cube.  An ice cube in a cup with a spoon. 

I started to giggle.

Don’t you laugh.  It is not funny. 

No ketchup?

Stop it! 


B loved condiments. 

The purple ketchup was made for her.

Condiments gave B a way to have a relationship with food.

Instead of eating...she decorated her plate. 

Pancakes required two types of syrups...mixed.

If there was a sauce available...B put it on her food.

As we finished our plates,

B’s artistic masterpiece was completed as well. 

In hindsight, her work should have been photographed. 

She may have had something there! 



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