Appetizer Mini Pie Ideas for Thanksgiving

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Yesterday I talked about unusual dessert pies for Thanksgiving -- and today I want your help with the other pie decision I need to make: The appetizer pie.

appetizer pies

There's not much by way of tradition for appetizer pies, but I think we can lay down some ground rules. The pies should be minis to whet the appetite and save some serving ware. They should not be sweet. They probably should not contain any of the main spread's major flavors (no turkey, no sweet potatoes, no sage), though they should be compatible therewith. They should be safe to eat at room temperature, so you don't have to fight for oven time. And they should be delicious.

Here are a few appetizer pie recipes I've found -- but I haven't narrowed my choices down at all.

Mini Mushroom Pies: Not Eating Out In New York makes these pies look delectable, and I love that they're bite-sized. Very mainstream, I think -- everyone would like these.

Mini Double Cheese Quiches: Frankly, I don't even want to get into the difference between a quiche and a pie (is there one?) -- these cheesy wonders I found on Dianne's Dishes are calling my name.

Mini Meat Pies: These lovelies stuffed with steak from O Pistachio look like they'd go great with a pre-dinner martini.

Savory Hand Filled Pies: I'd probably make this recipe from Once Upon a Plate a little smaller for Thanksgiving -- but I love the ham, Dijon mustard, and cheese filling and I love the cute shapes.

Mini Curry Pies: The recipe from Teczcape calls for ground beef, turkey and pork to go with a potato-onion mixture to fill the crust -- but I think I would make this warmly spicy pie all-veg, kind of like a pie samosa. MMMMmmmm, and I love curry spices on Thanksgiving.

Which do you think I should make -- or do you have a different recipe for me to try? Help a pie-crazed blogger out -- I only have a day or two to decide before I go shopping!


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