Is Apple Becoming The New "Christianity"?

"I get what they believe, and I understand it's their right to feel as they do, but I really hate being around them. Everything turns into an argument about why they're right, and I'm wrong, and I just haven't 'seen the light', and it gets really old. And it has nothing to do with their belief system in and of itself. I get it. I do. But, it's not for me. Why can't that be enough? Why do they have to be so aggressive and condescending?"

Reading that paragraph you might think this person is talking about our favorite religion to pick on: Christianity. How often do we hear things like, "It's not God I's His fanbase"? It's a common sentiment amongst those who don't subscribe to the Christian faith (and even some, such as I, who do).

But that statement isn't talking about Christianity...or any Faith based organization/movement.

That statement is talking about a group just as passionate, aggressive, and determined: MacHeads.

I don't know what it is about being an Apple owner, but you gain a certain sense of entitlement owning an Apple product. I know there are exceptions to every rule, but let's be honest here: if you own several Apple products and everyone around you knows you own several Apple products, there's a really good possibility you're a fanboy or fangirl too.

Christianity works the same way. Very few are just quiet, normal, every day Christians. That's not how it works. If you're a Christian, more than likely, everyone you meet knows it (because you told them flat out) and you view your beliefs as the best option for everyone ever. You probably can't even imagine why someone would want to be anything other than Christian.

Sorry to tell you, Apple fans...but your fanbase is veering (or has already veered) right over the edge into "Crazy Christian" territory. And it's hurting your cause.

I have never owned, and will never own, an Apple product. Not because there's something inherently wrong with Apple. I don't hate Macs. And I don't hate iPhones. But I hate the aggressive Apple mentality that is all too prevalent in the fanbase. I don't want to be like those people who troll Microsoft forums, tell me I'm "missing out" on my FB page because I bought a sexy new HTC 8X instead of an iPhone 5, or accuse my husband of not "appreciating true tech". It's rude. It's arrogant. And it's unnessesary. And I don't want to be associated with people like that. If that means "missing out", then that's just the way it is.

Christianity is facing the same conundrum. So many are walking away from how beautiful I think belief in God can be because they've been accosted by "believers" and treated as if they are "less than" simply for not believing as they do. And if Christianity has taught us anything, it's that people aren't going to believe what you want them to believe just because you want them to believe it. Furthermore, they're going to run as far away from it as possible. It leaves a bad taste in their mouth. leave a bad taste in my mouth. You leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths. You aren't winning people over to your "side" by being douchey. You're sending us running the other way...straight into the arms of Android and Windows.

Unlike Church culture, Tech culture progresses and evolves quickly. It's taken thousands of years for people to get to the point where they aren't putting up with douchey Christians anymore. But it's not going to take that long for Apple to go from diety to pariah. And MacHeads are going to be the root cause of this.

So this is my open letter to MacHeads: STOP IT. Stop trolling Microsoft users. Stop going out of your way to tell other people why they should own Apple products instead of whatever it is they already have. Stop assuming we who do not own Apple products are dumb, or unaware, or uneducated. Stop it. If you aren't specifically asked about your Apple experience, cut out the overshare. You aren't leading anyone to Apple Salvation. You're just sitting, huddled together, with a bunch of people who feel exactly as you do, judging the masses who can't figure out why you're all such douchebags. Instead of sanctuaries, you have Mac Stores. And instead of Bibles, you have an entire internet's worth of tech sites backing you up and reminding you how special you are.

I get what you believe. And I understand it's your right to feel as you do. But, I really hate being around you. I hate that you are my friends and my family, and my maybe-we-might-be-friends-one-day, and might-be-family-one-day, and you're throwing it all away because I don't own Apple products. I hate that it even matters. I hate that we've all bought into clever marketing so, SO well, that we're driving wedges amongst ourselves over mobile phones and computers. It baffles me. It frustrates me. And I want it to stop. 

Just think about it, MacHeads. While you do I'll be resizing my live tiles, customizing my colors, and doing all sorts of other fun things with my Windows Phone 8. And guess what? I don't think I'm better than you because I have a Windows Phone. I just really like it. But, I like you more.

Because relationships trump tech. At least...they should.


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