Apple Homage III

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imgTITLEKris from the Minnesota food blog To Be Mrs Marv was disappointed in the fall's first Dutch Apple pie. Then Marv chimed in and inspiration struck!

Kris writes: "The first one I made was simply - boring. No spark at all. Nothing to make a girl sit down and say, “DAMN, I LOVE PIE.” I love pie, so I want a pie that’s worthy of my undying affection. I put the question to Marv. He made a thinking look with his face and said, “apple puree.” I thought to myself, “gosh, I’m glad I married you.” And then thought, “Yeah… apple puree sweetened with caramel sauce… oooooh.. buttermilk-caramel sauce, with applejack brandy and five spice rather than cinnamon. That will do it. Wow, he is convenient.”" ~ To hear the inspiration for the 'crumbly bits' on top plus the recipes for Kris' favorite pastry, and yes, the whole I-love-pie pie, read Dutch Apple Pie a la MN

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BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg tucks apples into Power Food Broccoli Salad and Swedish Red Cabbage.