Apple keeps teasing us... The announcement of the announcement


Apple Invite  


The amazing Apple graphic above is from the invitation to the announcement event. Sigh... Geeky mom (me, the one who downloads Kindle files on her iPhone) was not sent an invitation. 

Not sure how long Apple will be able to build on the suspense before more details leak out. Apple has me curious about a number of things. Any ideas about the price? Will the tablet really be able to "hasten the extinction of paper?" And which movie/tv show will have the first product placement? I can see all the geeky spies on CHUCK using the tablet. Or maybe Liz Lemon on the 30 ROCK.

Here's the latest news about the tablet, according to the Bits blog:

"Apple sent e-mail invitations to journalists Monday morning for a “special event” to be held next Wednesday in San Francisco. 'Come see our latest creation,' the message says.

"Unless you’ve been living on another, Internet-deprived planet for the last year or so, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea what this is likely to be: the unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited, breathlessly hyped tablet computer. The device promises to hasten the extinction of paper, solidify Apple’s advantages in the mobile computing market, cure hunger and finally broker a peace between Jay and Conan."



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