Apple Pie With Caramel

Honestly, you'd have thought I'd have learned that if I bake, I am more apt to eat the baked goods which are generally a bit higher in calories.  Well - grin - I suppose I have learned.  I've learned it's darn tasty and worth it in the moment!!

I saw a recipe for apple pie with caramel on blogher.  We had apples we needed to bake.  I made it.  It was delicious.  One serving might not have been so bad, but I helped myself to a bit more.  As well as to a bit more of our crock pot dinner.  I justified the crock pot stew by saying it was low in calories, but between my generous second serving and the piece of bread to dip into the broth, I'm fairly certain I had quite a filling meal.

I had a fairly meager breakfast and lunch, but I somehow doubt that I kept my calorie intake to a level that will allow me to lose a pound a week.  That's one pound a week if I'm not exercising.  IF I exercise, I should be able to lose two pounds a week.

But you know....sticking to the low calorie intake is hard.  It was hard when I felt horrible about myself and it's hard now when I'm feeling better. 

I've been learning that when I let myself eat more "naturally" (without counting calories, but also without overeating), I'm not losing weight, though nor am I gaining.  I think this means that once I get where I'm going weight wise, I'm gonna need to either trim my desired portion sizes or keep the exercising.  Who knows.  But at least I'm thinking of moving forward again and hopeful to make some more progress.

Last night I was thinking of my goal weight - to be in the Healthy BMI zone and then I was thinking of my mother and my grandmother who have similar bone structures to me.  They are at least 20 pounds LESS than my current goal weight.  Wow.  I can't even imagine what I would look like 20 pounds less.  It doesn't seem like it would even be me, but then I wonder a bit if that's something to keep in the back of my mind.

Ah heck - this is end of the day thinking where I picture all sorts of possibilities.  I need to get myself back in the current moment.  Tomorrow is Monday and I've been planning on going to the gym in the morning, but I might not.

I've still got a bugger of a cough that interferes with sleep and I know that the sleep is the thing I need more than anything.  I'll have my gym clothes ready and if I am able to sleep decently, then I will go.  If not, I will plan on doing something at home - ugh.   But I will.

Hope your weekend was a good one and your Monday morning starts off well.



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