Apple Pie Fries
Enough pie crust ( homemade or store bought) for a complete two crust pie
1 can apple pie filling ( you can use cherry if you prefer)
1 Egg
Sand sugar
Ice cream or ice cream topper to use as a dip
To prepare apple filling, you can use a blender, or old fashioned potato masher (which was my choice) - You don't want it chunky or too soft. Your own preference
Roll out dough to a make 2 - 9x12 rectangles
Spread apple pie filling onto the one layer of dough, leaving about 1/8 inch along edges
Place second dough rectangle on top squeezing edges together
Place egg in bowl and a tad bit of water to make an egg wash
Using a basting brush, brush the top dough but do not saturate
Generously sprinkle sand salt on top ( salt replica on fries)
Bake @ 350 for 13 min.. (keep a close eye after 10 - ovens vary)
Let sit for a few minutes before removing from pan
Use ice cream or ice cream topper as a dip

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