I'm an artist studying traditional skills; old fashioned methods; tried & true tools; stories of people making things. I'm trying it all myself, joining in a revival of handmade techniques and sound ideas.

appleturnover's homemade stories explore the pleasures of the handmade, tried & true tools, old fashioned methods and sound ideas. I'm an artist immersed in studying traditional skills. I'm trying it all myself, joining in a revival of heritage techniques and old-world knowledge. 

appleturnover's homemade projects are more than kits or patterns; they're little hands-on studies containing the foundation of a thorough schooling in the old creative ways. Rediscover the skills you might have had a hundred years ago, the way your grandmother might have learned them, looking over her grandmother's shoulder.

appleturnover's homemade pictures are movies that guide you through the projects: step by step, learn the skills and find the age-old satisfaction of knowing how to make things yourself.

Learn about the old school, see a one-minute preview, and watch the old school movies:

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