Applying to Law School? - Think Twice

It seems like almost every young adult in their twenties I come across lately is applying to law school. Either they couldn't find a job after college or they are unhappy in the job they managed to get. Law school usually turns out to be the solution. I understand. That was me many years ago.

Why law school? Possibly because it might be the only post-graduate school that has absolutely no requirements. It doesn't matter what major you were or what classes you took or didn't take during your undergraduate years. All that matters are your grades, and even more importantly, your LSAT scores.

The law also has always been portrayed in pop culture as an exciting profession. In numerous television shows and movies, lawyers solve crimes and lead glamorous lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the number of hours that most lawyers put in, most of which are at their desk, they barely have time to leave the office to sleep.

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Jennifer Wagner

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