An Apprentice Photographer

There are many advantages to dating a kind and patient bilingual engineer and computer programmer with a master’s degree in design. In addition to being a considerate travel companion and all-around good guy, E is an awesome translator. When I encounter pesky computer coding issues, he is my problem solver.

And when it comes to photography, he shares his insights and opinions when I ask. 

I see scenes through the eyes of a writer. Words fill my head. I think about the people who built the landmark. I contemplate the history that the landmark has witnessed. I take mental notes of the scene as it exists in the present; of the people who live, love, work and struggle to survive in the shadows.  

When E looks at a scene, he’s able to look at it with a different perspective. He can separate out patterns, light, shadows and color. He imagines how all the distinct visual pieces will come together in a composition. He knows what Photoshop can fix — and what it cannot.  

Storytelling, especially in the age of the Internet, is about both the words and the images. And as someone with a strong need for achieving gold stars and A’s, I knew my photography needed a boost. (Read more.)

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