Approaching Zero: Solutions for Reducing Emissions and Expenses

Did you know that the average American travels 50 miles during Labor Day Weekend and on average 28.2 million people will travel by car? According to AAA current gas prices, averaging $3.80 per gallon, are the highest ever recorded for this holiday weekend. This price is cheap considering the prices I find in San Francisco that hover around $4.20 per gallon.  The Corporate Level Fuel Economy (CAFE) and Greenhouse Gas emissions final rules have been established for model years 2012 and beyond. This enacts a big step toward reducing our country’s oil dependency and carbon emissions while saving consumers money at the pump.

The CAFE program will gradually increase energy efficiency to 35.5 m.p.g. by 2016, from the current average of 29 m.p.g., to ultimately reach 54.5 miles per gallon for the 2025 model year. These new rules will also increase the pressure on auto manufacturers toward electrified vehicle production. The benefit of the new emissions rules will result in a decrease in GHG by half, eliminating over six billion tons over the course of the program by 2025.

Transportation options are a hot topic in San Francisco, this week I noticed the latest offering by BMW, the ActiveE is a fully-electric sedan based on the BMW 1 Series.  These vehicles, though not intended for mass-produced consumer distribution, will be available as a premium car sharing service. BMW launched DriveNow, a pilot program in San Francisco that offers 70 BMW ActiveE electric vehicles available at eight locations.
One solution BMW offers to reduce carbon emissions is the integration with ParkNow. Currently there are 505,000 vehicles in San Francisco, but there are only 448,000 parking spaces resulting in one-third of the congestion being the result of parking issues. ParkNow offers a solution to help eliminate the added waste caused by circling in search of an available parking space.

Labor Day Gas Prices and Fuel Efficiency


Tamar Burton




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