April 17th 1993 - Lilli's Going Away Party

Yesterday evening we had a going away party for Lilli at Kary's house!  Well, I remember before we left the house, I told Lilli that I need a boyfriend.  She goes, Ok you have Scott. Scott is a guy who she has been talking about the entire week.  Saying how cute he is and all this!  So I said, "ok - haha"  it was just a joke!  
So later that night at the party I was standing in the kitchen and in walks Lilli's Scott! Scott is a guy I met at the Observer one night.  Now I really remember him because, for one, he just grabbed me on the dance floor and started kissing me.  Then he made a dick out of himself by saying, "How about some sex?"  What a dick of a comment.  Anyway, of course I turned him down!  So when he walked into the kitchen we both recognized each other straight away!  I almost died and so did he!  
I of course told Lilli.  She was kinda disappointed I think because I think she really thought he was cute and kinda liked him, and what kind of a dick would say "How about some sex?" 
Anyway, the night went on and Lilli was all over him.  They were all over each other.  It kinda bugged me, but they are good together trust me.  He's yucky!  But Cute.  
The party was pretty good, I only drank one beer.  God Cara has one hell of a boyfriend. Shit he is so cute!  We talked a little he's a nice guy.  Yummy!  Lucky Cara!  Um, I got a cab home with Johannes and Roan at 3ish.  Then the rest of the crew came home.  The sleeping arrangements were as follows:  Me in my bed, Steve in Emiri's bed, 2 guys on my floor (one of which was a blond guy named Russell who was trying to pick up on me the entire night.  He's nice but short.) Anyway, they also farted all night which made me very happy.   Then Scott, Lilli, and Gil on the Sofa Bed.  Emiri stayed puking her guts out at Kary's house.  So thats all about the party.
Now onto my absolutely great day today!!!!  I went to Karate at 11:30!  Oh, It was the funnest Karate day I've had.  there was a fairly small class - so that was great.  We worked on sparing and moving back and forth.  Besides a bloody toe, a gaping blister, and a punch in the face, it was great!  I love it!  
Then after Karate, Sensei Ayal (The God) took everyone over to the Arizona for a Drink.  It was great how social it is!  I love it!  it gives me a chance to have a totally separate and new social scene besides home and school.  I love it!  Then, after the drink, it ended u being just me and Sensei  Ayal.  So he walked me to the bus!  It was great!  I love his lips.  Anyway, we had a nice conversation.  I found out a few new things about him!  he came to Australia when his Sensei died.  He's on a two year contract with the Dojo and its up in December.  (What a coincidence, that when i go home!)  He had an offer in LA, so he will either go home to Israel or go to the US. Hum.  It was great talking to I'm!  He's a stud!  Ive been waiting for a chance like that to talk to him!  
After Karate I walked up to the pool and went for a great swim.  Oh, it felt so good after a great work out in Karate!  Today has been an absolutely great day!  Emiri's being so mean to me.  God, it's hard to deal with!  WOW!  Beyond!  And the Cigarettes are still driving me crazy but oh well.  Not much is getting to me after a day like today.  It was a beautiful sunset as well!!  
Until Next Time Love...




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