April 22nd 1993 – Drink’s at the Arizona

I’ll start with yesterday. My adventures started on the way to Karate. As I walked into the hallway I spotted a cute blond guy walking by on the street. I turned around and caught his eye and sure enough he followed me all the way to the door of the Dojo! it was very flattering – he was kinda cute but he cruised.

Ok now onto today. I had a great and easy day at school. I hardly had any real lessons! It’s amazing how much school I miss – it never seems to matter to terribly much.

Karate tonight was pretty good. I felt a little fatigued, a little stiff but overall pretty good! Afterwards was even better. We all went to the Arizona for a drink. I’m having so much fun with all these people. There is this one girl named – I can’t think of it – Anyway, her Dad was there tonight and he just happened to be the same guy who came over trying to sell us a water purifier in a very religious way! What a small world. Still no sign of George!

Oh, I got another great letter from Mom today. Still no word from Ethan.

Until next time love…




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