April 30th 1993 – Common Cause & Purpose

I have so much on my mind! Ah! My largest problem is the fact that I think way too much and I’m in one of those deep thoughts, walk with your head tilted down, hair in the face, moods!!!! Oh well. These things come and go! But I am contented by the company I am in and my location! I’m at the Exchange Family Weekend. The usual lit hall late at night! Everyone doing their own thing.

But first, last night. The local – Obo – Observer – as usual! It was a particularly excellent night that started off on the wrong foot! It began with Emiri asking me if I was going out! Sometimes our relationship is beyond me! She informed me not to talk to her because she wasn’t in the mood! That’s very hard to take! But it was my ticket out of the house for the night, so why not! When I got there all the guys who I’ve met a while ago were very cool to me. They would come up and hug me and give me a kiss on the forehead! Just being my friends! Thank God for that because I was not in the mood for meant to hit on me! Not at all. So it felt good to just have my pals around me asking me where I have been for the past few weeks. I met a guy Andy! Really nice guy. he and his friends walked with Emiri, Kelly, Tony, and Will etc. to Jacksons after the Obo closed. We hugged. That was it. I just said see you later! Then I went home. Before I left Emiri and I had a moment. She said have fun – good luck – just all this really cool sisterly stuff. We can get along pretty good sometimes! I got home at 4am and slept for 1 hour and at 6am left for this camp!

Crazy! I got a couple hours of sleep in the car on the way to Nawra! Today has been a great day! It’s so good to see all these people! It’s a constant flirt session! We love each other so much – Janie and I recon – that we cant’ keep our hands off each other! It’s true! These people are like none I’ve ever known. We share a common cause and purpose! Self discovery – maybe? Life experience – maybe? Self exploration – sure why not! Love, togetherness and defiantly searching! Yeah! You find it! You see it – Trip over it! Yeah! We canoed – we tipped each other over, we played in the water! We were in our clothes, all for one and one for all! We frolicked. We had fun just playing in the water and being together. We also had an audience! I film crew! But they all disappeared along with our cares and worries! It was just us and the water!

We are all changing, growing, picking up new words to our vocabularies! Falling in love with life and each other! We all just hang out and be with each other – strange that! You re-discover why you came and labored to get hear! Although we are all a bit unsure at least we are together!

Until next time love!



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