April is Alcohol Awareness Month - New eBook Helps Debunks Common Myths That Can Cause a Person to Have Problems with Drinking

Do you wonder why eating a big meal doesn't keep you from getting drunk? Do you believe coffee will sober a friend up? Do you wonder why some can drink far more than others and still not seem drunk? Do you question how people can possibly call alcoholism a disease, let alone a brain disease? Were you aware that underage drinking is the key risk factor for developing alcoholism?

For answers, consider reading this short, 80-page eBook where you will find the latest brain and addiction-related research and science discoveries written for the general public that debunk the common myths about drinking alcohol. Examining and challenging these common myths from a scientific perspective can help readers recognize what it takes to cross the line from alcohol use to abuse to dependence (alcoholism) and what it takes to stop the progression.

The following highlights a few of the myths:
Myth 2:
A Drink is A Drink
Myth 3: Throwing up, drinking coffee, taking a cold shower or walking around the block will sober a person up.
Myth 4:  Eating a big meal absorbs the alcohol and drinking lots of water dilutes it so a person can drink more and not get drunk.
Myth 5:  Some people can just hold their liquor better than others
Myth 6: The best thing to do for a drunk friend is to let them sleep it off.
Myth 7: People who get DUIs (DWIs) had to know they were too drunk to drive.
Myth 12: Teens are too young to be alcoholics, and besides, all teens drink at some point.
Myth 17:
If an alcoholic relapses, it’s their fault. They just didn’t want it badly enough.
Myth 18:
Family members and friends may worry about a loved one but once the drinking stops, they’ll be fine.

Sample appendices:

Appendix A:
Key Reasons a Person’s Drinking Crosses The Line From Alcohol Use to Abuse to Dependence (Alcoholism)
Appendix B:
Neural Networks and Brain Development Explained
Appendix C: How Alcohol Hijacks the Brain; the Brain Disease of Alcoholism
Appendix D: Treating the Disease of Alcoholism
Appendix E:  Health Consequences of Secondhand Drinking (SHD)

Several eBook versions are available. Here is the link to Kindle eBook version ($3.99) http://tiny.cc/d8jccw 

Link to free apps that allow you to read it on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, BlackBerry Android... http://tiny.cc/79jccw


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