April Fitness Challenge Week 4

April Fitness ChallengeAlright folks, April Fitness Challenge Week 4 is over. And I have to be completely honest I didn't do a single exercise at all this week. I mentioned in last weeks post that my mom has been having some health problems and this week was a very bad week for her. I spent most of the week talking to various family members and specialists to figure out what is going on with her.

I did my best to keep track of my calories but as bad as not exercising has been, my diet hasn't really been much better this week. I definitely eat my emotions. I'm actually sitting in the Portland airport right now waiting for my flight down to California to see her. My plan is to get back on track when I get back home. There are a few more days left in April, but I won't be doing the challenge or an update for the remainder of the month. Next weeks post will be an all new challenge.

Sorry to anyone who has been following along. I just can't keep up right now with all this chaos going on. Stick with me though, May will be much better for me, I promise.

Saturday 4/19

For some reason I didn't record a single meal for this day. Oops.

Sunday 4/20

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 1143

Under - 57

Monday 4/21

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 1057

Under - 143

Tuesday 4/22

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 1104

Under - 96

Wednesday 4/23

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 853

Under - 347

Thursday 4/24

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 3195

OVER! - 1995 (A whole bag of Tim's Jalapeno Chips will do that)

Friday 4/25

Goal - 1200

Calorie Intake - 1507

Over - 307

So as you can see, definitely not my best week.

See you next week.




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