April Was National STD Awareness Month Did You Get Screened?

Well, April has come and almost gone. With flowers budding and summer on it's way people often forget that April is National STD Awareness Month and it's a great excuse to get tested and push your partner to get tested.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a rising problem in all communities across the US and must be taken seriously. In a recent study involving teenage girls ages 14 to 19 it was found that 1 in 4 was infected with an STD and a large amount of them didn't even realize it. Link.That's more than 3 million teen girls in this country infected with an STD many such as HPV which has the highest infection rates is incurable and the girls will have it for life.


With those unbelievably scary numbers still fresh in your head remember that they were only tested for some STDs, the test left out certain ones such as gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and all hepatitis strains. Also this study was only done on teenage girls. The number of infected patients gets even greater with age.


HPV is one of the most dangerous STDs in the mix because it often has no symptoms and can cause cervical cancer, anal cancer, and penile cancer. For this reason alone you should get tested if you are or even were sexually active.


Everyone thinks that it can't happen to them until it does. The best defence against the spread of STDs is knowledge and understanding. Diseases effect people differently so just because you or your partner don't have symptoms doesn't mean that your not infected.  Use this month to push your man or women into getting tested even if they think it's a silly idea. Lets make a change together and help stop the spread of STDs.


For a list of free clinics in your area for STD testing you can go here.


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