Protect Your Teeth This Spring!

Springtime is full of activity this year, with road trips, picnics and birthday parties every weekend. With so many activities and sweet treats to eat, minimizing the impact those treats have on your teeth is a high priority.  Aquafresh® toothpaste helps protects tooth enamel from damage caused by sugar acids and also helps protect your teeth against cavities. You can read more about sugar protection here and check out the blog posts below for great spring activities and maintaining good oral health habits.

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The Best Thing About Spring

I love spring—for a really selfish reason. I mean, the warmer temps, the flowers blooming, the birds chirping, and the general happy feeling are all great. But the best part about spring? Is my birthday. I love my birthday. I love the whole feeling of being a year older. I love wondering what the next year might bring. I love reflecting on the past year to see how I've grown and changed. And while I love gifts, they're not my favorite part of my birthday. Nope. I love the food....more

Strawberry Cream Cake

How big is your sweet tooth? Mine? Pretty big, although I waffle between craving salty stuff and sweet stuff. But our oldest daughter doesn't have just one sweet tooth, she's got a whole mouth-full. For her birthday, which happens to be on the first day of spring, I made this delectable strawberry cream cake from scratch, and it was so delicious! It was such a perfect cake for spring, especially with strawberry season right around the corner. We'll be sure to gobble up the rest of this springtime dessert post-birthday celebration in no-time flat....more

Springtime is for... Popsicles!

Want to know how I know it's officially springtime in my house? My freezer is full of POPSICLES! Every year, when the weather warms up, I start making popsicles. The kids love to play outside while enjoying their (very messy) popsicles, and I love that I get to really easily get them lots of great fruits, greens, and coconut milk! My usual popsicle ""recipe"" is just making a thick fat-filled smoothie, with a bit of extra sweetness from honey or sweet fruits....more

A (Sweet) Frozen Treat for Spring

In Houston, spring is basically a slightly less hot version of summer, so we whip out our cool treats a little earlier here. Last year, Harper was teething a lot and it was blazing hot out so I wanted to find a cool treat for her that was sweet but didn't have a ton added ingredients. She was loving plain ol' Greek yogurt at the time, which I often served to her with berries for breakfast and it gave me the idea to make her home-made frozen yogurt popsicles. They're so simple to make and they're a perfect sweet treat for hot days. ...more

Recycled Bird Feeders and Oral Health

It’s finally spring! While we definitely still have some snow on the ground, the overall vibe outdoors is that life will begin again. After the long, cold winter we had, I’ll take any move in a warmer, sunnier direction. This is our first spring in our new house, and we’ve already noticed that we get many more critters over here than we did at our last place. Since our property backs up to a creek, we’ve especially noticed a greater variety in birds flying around. We thought it would be fun to set up a few feeders in trees so Ada could get more up close and personal....more

Chocolate-Filled Bird's Nest Cupcakes

I love having Emma Ramey in the kitchen with me, and she loves it too. Many nights, she helps me make dinner, whether it's throwing some ingredients in the mixing bowl, stirring a sauce, or even setting the table. I like to make her feel included in the process. Is it always easier to have her help? Not at all... but in the long run, I love that she feels like an important part of the process and that it's something we can do together. We also like to make special treats together every now and then....more