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I am not a jewelry type of girl. Since I had my two boys, I became a simple, less is more, outdoorsy mom type. But I have one exception to the rule: ARACANO, a collection of jewelry inspired by the "Spirit of the Andes."

Their gold, bronze and silver pieces, from the heart of the Andes, project the noble strength of ancient Mountain Gods.

Andean warriors, or Mapuches, used these silver charms for protection during their battles and their hunting expeditions.

Women would carry them for their magical powers and their energy, and wore them during their fertility rituals. When I wear an Aracano piece, I feel inspired. I become a Patagonian Queen or a Mapuche warrior. I love their simple yet elegant designs, their noble materials and the power I draw from them. Depending on my mood, I could wear a different piece every day. They're perfect for any outfit. The Aracano collection now ranges from home décor, women’s and men’s designs. His ready-to-wear lines has also graced world-class polo clubs, worn by polo athletes.

Aracano Andean Inspired Jewelry | The Citizen Culture

I met Federico “Mono” Alzaga back in Argentina about 12 years ago, when he was just starting his line. Now he featured in many US and European fashion magazines including Vogue!

Federico grew up in his family´s ranch in Argentina. His closeness with the land, his love of horses and being constantly surrounded by the gaucho lifestyle developed his creativity. At an early age, he learned how to make play with tools and metals. He was always attracted to the silver adornments worn by native women and warriors in Argentina. How they looked so primitive yet strikingly beautiful. His Argentine upbringing certainly contributed to his enjoyment of large ad glowing metallic surfaces, as opposed to small, delicate trinkets.

Federico started his business in the US by selling bespoke pieces to private clients in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles mostly at trunk shows. Shortly after, he launched a small line which transformed into a popular online presence,

Federico says there isn't an obvious pattern connecting his customers, but they all look for elegant and statement pieces. Well-traveled men and women who set their own rules absolutely adore his collections. His trademark? Silver necklaces and breastplates, long shiny cuffs, substantial rings and horseman´s knives. Aracano revives the magic and strength of the Andes and its people.

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