How Will Our Kids Learn if Adults Bully One Another?

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I’ve had enough of reading about yet another media personality who has crossed the line and lied or misrepresented an innocent person for his or her own personal gain.

I’ve had enough of listening to political leaders bash one another with no logical compromise to offer to offset the policy or candidate being criticized in an effort to simply get votes.

I’ve had enough of the hatred that is currently rampant in our news media.

I, for one, am returning to that age-old adage my mother taught me long ago: If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.

Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us return to this practice and demonstrate its usefulness in promoting tolerance toward others, our children will follow suit and learn to get along with each other in a healthier and much more acceptable manner.

Only then will our world truly be free of the damage caused by bullies, making it a much better place for everyone.

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Dawn Sticklen
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