Are all older women cougars want to be, or is that b.s.?


When I Google the words "older women" all I find is sex, and cougars. Actually the very first thing that comes up is about older women wanting to date younger men. Gees how far is that from our reality!
Most older women have other things on their mind like how to keep their family together without them killing each other, stretching their oh so thin paycheck for the long week. These things are exhausting! Who has time for the rest?

How about the other important stuff that we are really worried about?  Let’s face it, pretty soon we will be jumping off that cliff in the sky.

Isn't that we are REALLY thinking about? All this other stuff is a poor distraction. I agree what we are thinking is not something you can bring up in polite conversation without getting a few looks. Me, I want to be ready for that old beyond in the sky. I have always hated surprises.

The closest I have come to in getting a real answer is through meditation. I confess I thought it would be boring as heck. However, I have taken baby steps with this.
I do find it has a calming effect and it sure beats Prozac!

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