Are The Holidays Cramping Your Sex Life?

The Holiday Season is looming and our days…and nights…seem to get shorter and shorter with all we have to do.  Family gatherings and house guests, frantic shopping, cards to send, meals to prepare, office parties to attend, costumes to make, school holiday festivities to volunteer for…the list goes on and on.

With all this facing you in the next couple of months, when will you find the time to inject romance, seduction and sex into your busy day?  My guess is if you wait for the opportunity to present itself you won’t have another orgasm or sexy night with your mate until sometime early next year.  What a depressing prospect!

So, what’s the solution?  How do you give so much of yourself to the upcoming festivities AND maintain a sexually even keel for yourself and your mate?  Well, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily so let’s explore some options that will help you stay sexually satisfied during the chaos that defines the holidays.


Option 1

Block out a 2-3 hour window reserved only for intimate, naked time with the one you love. No television, no errands, no texting, chatting or internet surfing. Just time alone with your hottie and do this at least once a week but preferably more often.

If you have kids, get a sitter for a couple of hours, send the little tikes to grandma’s house for a Saturday afternoon or, if they are old enough, drop them off for a double feature at the local movie theatre. You should also talk to your girlfriends, who in all likelihood are suffering from the same lack of explosive orgasms, and arrange to swap babysitting duties with them one or two nights a week.


Option 2

If money permits…

Arrange a clandestine interlude with your lover and meet them at a nearby hotel for a slightly longer than usual lunch break.  Surprise them with a new couples vibrating cockring…a good choice for maximum effect in minimal time.

Make everyone happy by sending your little rug rats to the local amusement park with a trusted sitter or family member for a Saturday afternoon while you and your honey get naked and naughty at home.

Go out for a romantic dinner on Friday night but skip the dance club afterward! Go straight to a nice hotel for romance and hot sex.  Bring some sensual massage oils, sexy lingerie, and an adult movie and don’t forget your collection of sex toys!!


Option 3

Go to bed early…but don’t put your flannel pajamas on just yet! 

Put your little ones down an hour early, let the dishes wait and set the TiVo to record your favorite sitcom.  Light a few candles to set the mood, hide the remote control, unplug the phones and flip on some soft music. Put on that sexy camisole or teddy lingerie you’ve been meaning to entice your lover with and your night of seduction is off and running….or bumping…or, well, you get the idea.


Option 4

Keep a discreet sex toy or vibrator in the glove box of your car.

Now safety should always be a priority but you can ‘stimulate’ your commute home from work with a little personal teasing along the way, especially if you find yourself sitting in traffic. It’s a great self-motivator to get the kids to bed early and surprise your lover with your hot and sexy desires!


Whatever plan you come up with, it’s important to remember that your sex life can’t become the holiday season casualty!  This time of year is always stressful and the best way I know to relieve that added stress is with a mind-blowing orgasm…or close facsimile. As busy women, wives and mothers we often, and needlessly, rob ourselves of all the emotional and physical benefits that sex, intimacy and the big ‘O’ gives us.  Don’t let this happen to you…take charge!

Start a sexy holiday resolution now and make your sex life and your sexual gratification a priority.  You’ll feel and look better, have more patience, feel more desirable and connect with your lover more strongly…what could be better than that?

Authored by BMuff






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