Are Internet Friends "Real" Friends?

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[Editor's Note: She Suggests asks an important question: are bloggy friends real? Can someone be considered a close friend if you never see them or interact with them in real time? And most importantly, do the friendships we start online translate into friendships offline when you finally meet face-to-face: and if they don't, is it a "real" friendship? It's a fantastic post that raises and attempts to answer these difficult questions. --Mel]

But are the relationships you form while in the privacy of your home (or a quiet corner of Gymboree) really REALLY real the way flesh and blood, in your face every day relationships are?

Can you really know someone when you see a sliver of their personality in a blog post (or a vlog for you fancy new technology folks)?

What can you know of their whole complete being while reading carefully selected words and an (overly) curated photo gallery?

I love the point she also makes about how blogging conferences become the height of social anxiety -- because you're both testing if the relationships can exist offline.

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