Are Mommy Wars Still a Thing?

I don’t know what it is.  Maybe it was the 8 months of bed rest wherein I mostly tried to not feeling sick and distracted myself by playing Farmville 2 and Candy Crush all the time.  Maybe it is having a third child and so I am now serving more dictators than I have hands.  Maybe it is the battle with post partum depression that makes all that this entails seem so much more impossible.  But for awhile there, I’d forgotten I was supposed engage in all manner of conversations on the right way to rear children.

I guess I’ve remembered now?  But, I think I have come to a place wherein I just could care less how you are raising your children.  Given that you are not neglectful and not abusive, then mostly I give you mad props for keeping the kids alive.

Every now and again, my head emerges from the newborn-pattern-of-sleep fog, and I notice that there is some new debate.  I posted an article to Facebook about vaccination recently.  No debate ensued (thank you for that, Facebook friends) but then a few days later I saw a counter argument article that was a response to the article I had posted.  I realized that posting it, I had unwittingly engaged in a battle.  I regret it.  I don’t like the idea that someone saw my post and felt like I was judging them for making a different call than I made.  I generally have an opinion on these matters, of course—related to what I’ve decided to do for my own family.  But… sakes alive I feel like I’m just treading water here.  Not to mention searching blindly in the dark for the solution to every problem that is “just right” for my children.  I just don’t have the time or energy to keep tabs on whether your solutions look like my solutions. 

If other parents feel the way I do about parenting (i.e. totally overwhelmed), chances are we just need to offer each other a lot more support.  The end.



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