Are Pinterest Valentines Making Us Devalue Our Kids' Ideas?

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Rumor has it that Valentine's Day is this week. I know this because my Instagram feed is full of the craftiest, shiniest, glitteriest, cutest-saying-est Valentines I have ever seen. Anne at Floral Showers decided to go with the heart-shaped melted crayon craft for her daughter to give out, complete with a cute little saying that she found online. Her daughter had a different idea, but scrapped it when Anne raised an eyebrow. It got Anne thinking about many things we teach our kids about giving and their own ideas. It's definitely a must-read for this holiday.

She got honest about her feelings:

The fake, unauthentic way of life that I was teaching my child to live. I was telling her through my actions, that her ideas for her own valentines weren’t good enough. That it would be better if she copied a cute phrase found on the internet, than come up with one on her own. That hers wasn’t good enough.

I felt like dirt.

Sometimes, it is hard to see the truth of our actions. It may seem small…and maybe it is…but then again maybe its not. My whole life I have wanted to be like other people. I have valued their opinions over my own, cared deeply about what they thought I should do. And I could see it all in my daughters face when she looked at me. She wanted me to be pleased with her…wanted me to like what she created, and when she could tell that I was disappointed she took what she had done and threw it in the garbage…

Melted Crayon Heart Valentine
Credit: abbybatchelder.

Read all of Anne's important post before you finish up those Valentine's Day crafts today; maybe you'll be more inclined to listen to your kids' ideas instead of what the directions say on some pretty, shiny blog.


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