Are SAHM Mom's Lazy?

I'm writing this with a cup of coffee by my side. My hair is a mess and I have no make up on. I haven't brushed my teeth yet and so far all I've managed to accomplish this morning is putting a few dishes in the sink, dressing my four year old (and doling out a few dozen kisses and hugs) and eating some eggs that my husband made for me.

You heard that, right?

I didn't even make breakfast for anyone this morning. My oldest fed his sister, my husband fed me and the four year old doesn't want to eat.

Some would call me lazy. Literally. Watch this clip. Those two women think I'm lazy and that I'm using my family as an excuse to not take care of responsibilities.

I watched this clip last night with a bit of amusement because, really? Are we really still having this debate? Did someone really spend time and money on research to determine that working moms are happier than stay at home moms?

And what qualifies happier? What does that even mean?

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