Are Sex Workers Motivated by Money?


I had a conversation recently with a very good regular of mine who said that he refuses to see escorts whose main motivation is money, and although I somewhat understand what he's saying, I also have to wonder; why should it matter what motivates a Sex Worker as long as she's providing top notch service to her clients.

Sometimes I feel like the men in this industry live in a constant state of naivety. Like escorts do this for the love of sex and men! NO SIR! Although I love sex and my clients with all my heart, the fact of the matter is, it's the money that drives me!

Take Escort #1 for instance, and I'll call her "Amy"!

"Amy" is what I would consider a top notch provider. She practically starves herself thin so that she can maintain that youthful size 2 "spinner" body that's made her successful in this industry. She spends countless hours in the gym, countless hours running, countless hours prepping for sessions, countless hours marketing, countless hours maintaining her website, and countless hours posting ads in hopes that she'll gain new business prospects. So do you actually think that she does all that just for the love of sex and men? NO. She does it for the dollars!

What people fail to realize is that this is a business.

This is not
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This is,

We are Sex Workers, and you men know this from the very start! Like I always say: We are GFE (Girl friend Experience) NOT (Girl friend for Eternity)

If you've ever been with a provider who "acted" money hungry, then you just got bad service that's all. ALL escorts should be motivated by money but at the same time provide good service. It's that motivation that keeps the escorts reliable and good service providers.

In the end its best that we have the understanding that the transaction is bound to happen. You come to me for a service, I provide that service to the best of my ability, and then I get paid for it.

Everyone gets what they want and no one feels cheated. Catch my drift? Good!


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