Are some people evil?

A client asked a question lately that is very relevant to most of us:
I was wondering if people know when they are hurting others or manipulating them? I notice that some people feel justified and right about manipulating and taking advantage of others. Are they aware of what they are doing? Are people like that – or do they have no idea that they are doing crazy stuff?

Do some people know they have evil intentions? Yes. However, some people may be hurting others without knowing it. The bottom line answer is, know what is helpful or harmful to you and protect yourself from it.

A person’s level of awareness and enlightenment determines the energy level that the person projects. Some people are very good intentioned, but are clueless about how they are affecting others. Most of us project negativity at times without intending to. The Dalai Lama admitted to having “bad moments” at times, when I saw him at Emory a couple weeks ago. It’s part of the human condition.

The keys to your happiness and safety are to keep yourself safe. Here’s how:
1. Don’t take what people do personally. It’s not about you. Really.
2. Don’t try to figure everyone out. You can’t.
3. Love everyone unconditionally. Period.
4. Stay away from those who are negative, for whatever reason.
5. Protect your space at all times.

It can be a crazy world out there (and inside sometimes). Following the above steps can help you to stay safe and happy.


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