Are vegans healthier?

So, I was doing some reading on YAHOO! and I found this ~

Basically it just says what most vegans know, that there is a bunch of crap in pork.  Ecoli, salmonella, feces, mmmmmmmmm the other white meat, and stuff.

Anyway, what I am getting at is that they found some antibiotics in there too.  Strange? Not really, all those factory farmed animals are pumped up with that stuff, gotta keep them healthy! Okay, so thats not my point ejther. My point is, all those EXTRA antibiotics that people ingest while eating pork (and other dead animal flesh) is keeping your body from staying healthy.  It is keeping your body from accepting antibiotics you may get from your doctor for whatever you may have them prescribed to your for (did that make sense?).  So say you eat meat every day, and your little one gets an ear infection.  Doc gives em some antibiotics, says give it a week, take them all etc etc.  A week goes by and your little one is STILL pulling at that ear.  What the hell-o?

So you go back, and doc has to give more antibiotics, but stronger this time.  Does this seem okay, especially for the little ones? No.

Your body will start to resist these antibiotics the more you ingest them, and your doctor is going to have to give you more, and stronger ones too.

So now they are saying that this may cause people to be less resistant to the "super-bug".  Is that saying that vegans will be the most resistant? Um, yea!! 

Im sure there are lots of people out there throwing their hands up in the air (and waving them like they just dont care) and saying PHOOEY. Thats fine.  But I will stand by this, letting everyone that reads this know that I have had one cold in the past 4 years!(there are 5 others in my family, two teens, that go to public schools, and two toddlers, that go to lots of parks, and a husband, they have all had a cold here and there, but nothing to sneeze about.) Pretty impressive eh? So PHOOEY me all you want, while you go get your tissues and Nyquil and Mucisomethingorother.

Just a side note, you may want to start filtering your water if you drink from the tap. yep, there are lots of antibiotics in that too.  You see, those big factory farms have holding tanks for the um, uh, cow refuse, and they often times get too full and then you know, rain happens and then well, yea, sh*t happens, to leak, into the ground, and eventually into the water that goes to your taps.  Now granted, most, and I repeat, most of the fecal matter is removed (the gov. says that a certain amount is okay, YUM) but what they dont remove is the antibiotics! Thats right, and for those of you who toss your old prescriptions down the loo, that goes to your tap water too!  

So there you have it, my daily tellings of the evil factory farms and what they are doing to you, and your family, and everyone else!

Next time you want some "other white meat" just go re-read that article up there!


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